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If you're interested in learning computer graphics, Autodesk 3ds Max (formerly 3D Studio Max) is one of the best options. It is very often used to create movie effects, television commercials, architectural images, and video games.

Our goal is to inspire users of this powerful 3D modeling and animation software, to explore and achieve to create your own future complex projects. We have put together a mixture of videos and tutorials for beginner and intermediate users to quickly learn 3ds Max skills and techniques.

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Video Tutorials

These video tutorials have been created for users who learn easily and faster when shown. They are step by step and spoken in words everyone and anyone can understand

If you are a new user or having difficulties these videos are very easy to follow and user friendly.

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If you are studying or just learning 3ds Max for fun, then our tutorials on tools, features, and basic techniques will be ideal.

Learn how to create primitive shapes, splines, nurbs, different modeling techniques, create materials, lighting, and more.

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Teach Yourself

Learning 3ds Max isn’t easy, it takes a lot of patience, determination and practice.

You can teach yourself anything if you know where to look for resources to help you, we recommend videos, written tutorials and books on 3d Basics.

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Best 3ds Max Books

We would like to share with you short reviews of these books. Each book presents 3ds Max in a different style.

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  • "This is a terrific video. After watching I immediately went to my copy of 3DS Max and successfully recreated the mug, albeit with my own tiny additions. The presentation style and tempo is perfect for this type of tutorial and I found myself engaged throughout. Well done!..." Allan Michael
  • "I think, I learn a little bit more whenever I see tutorials like this. Very Inspiring, really. Keep posting many such tutorials and we'll be blessed!..." jayprayag

  • "Very high quality, easy to follow and simplified. I wish everything was this good..." Areal Person

  • "Thank you Very Much For A Very Easy Way Of Teaching!!..." Raajaaization

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3ds max cloth modifier

3ds Max Cloth Modifier

In this written tutorial we will learn how to create a towel using a Spline and the Garment Maker Modifier. Also we will create a simple simulation using the Cloth Modifier to fold the cloth over an other object. Enjoy! - 3ds Max Cloth Modifier Video Tutorial

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3ds Max Lace Cloth

How To Make Money Selling 3D Models

Maybe you are a 3D artist or have studied 3D modeling as a hobby and possess a variety of your very own, unique designs on the hard drive of your laptop or Computer. Have you ever thought about what you could do with your models? You might be pleased to know there are various websites on the Internet that buy/sell high-quality, unique 3D models.

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